Business Research & Data Analytics

Environmental Compliance Support

Our client is a Global Connector Manufacturer, with a revenue of 600 Million Dollars and having Operations in 9 different locations spread across the globe.
Problem Definition
Our client used to receive various types of customer requests related to environmental compliance such as RoHS, REACH, and Halogen Free (HF) etc. They faced lot of issues in collecting the data from suppliers and to provide their customers with timely and consistent information in an efficient manner.
We worked with the suppliers of our client and collected various environmental compliance documents such as material composition data, MSDS, 3rd party analytical test reports, Certificate of Compliance letter for RoHS, REACH, HF etc. We also supported the day to day management of the environmental compliance documents, using the client Product life Cycle Management application. We also worked as an extended client team to handle Customer Surveys and information requirements related to environmental compliance.
Single point of contact for Environmental Compliance data collection and analysis.