Industry and Market Assessment

Market Entry Studies

Our client is a Global Connector Manufacturer, with a revenue of 600 Million Dollars and having Operations in 9 different locations spread across the globe.
Activity Description
Our Client wanted to understand the dynamics of the 3PL logistics providers for the major Automotive OEMs in Europe and China, with the objective to strengthen their logistics portfolio and to support major 3PL companies in these regions.

Knowleo team did a preliminary study on the structure and layout of the major Automotive OEMs in Europe and China market, and had a detailed discussion with the client Partner to finalize the scope of the study. There after, a detailed study on the Outbound distribution strategy for each of these OEMs was carried out.

A deep dive into the 3PL logistics providers for these OEMs and how they are organized for the Automotive OEMs were done. Special focus was given on the IT Integration between OEMs and 3PL providers. The average logistics costs per vehicle, for these OEMs was also computed. The study also covered the major challenges and also the latest trends in automotive outbound logistics.


The client got a clear view of the Automotive outbound logistics Value Chain in Europe and Chinese markets, which was used to formulate the strategy and business plan for the Transportation & Logistics practice.

Customer Voice

“ We thought, we already know the industry quite well. But we were surprised to see many hidden opportunities, as discovered by Knowleo team.” Excellent study indeed!
Senior Partner - Transportation & Logistics