Commodity Value Chain Research Study for Sourcing

Procurement Intelligence

Our client is a leading Automotive OEM based in the USA, with global leadership in electric car manufacturing.
Activity Description
Our client is building a state of art manufacturing facility, for making one of their critical component, with the aim to expand the sales in the international market. They wanted to source structural steel in large quantities for building this plant.

Knowleo conducted an in-depth study of the Global and US Structural Steel Value Chain, with a detailed coverage of the Structural Steel Supply Chain, Capacity and Demand trends, Cost Structure, Pricing Drivers, Major Producers, Mill Schedules, Service Centre Inventory and finally the Sourcing Strategy Recommendation for huge quantity purchases.


Our in-depth analysis of the Structural Steel Market Conditions, Cost Structure and the impact of the economic changes on demand and supply was vital in building the commodity sourcing strategy.

Customer Voice

“We’ve been able to go through the report and are actively using it for real activities and business! I need to dig through it more extensively but. I am very impressed by it so far.”
- CPO & Head Supply Chain