Business Research & Data Analytics

Strategy & Business Development Support

Our client is a Global Connector Manufacturer, with a revenue of 600 Million Dollars and having Operations in 9 different locations spread across the globe.
Activity Description
Our Client wanted to prepare the Strategic Action Plan for their major markets China and India, which gives around 60% of the total revenue of the company.

Knowleo team worked closely with the Sales & Marketing Director for the China and India market, to understand the major challenges which the company is facing in these markets. Knowleo conducted a detailed study on the Market Drivers, Barriers and Trends. New emerging opportunities like Solar, wind and cloud computing were analyzed. Competitive Landscape and potential implication was assessed.

The market inputs were combined with the Forecast estimates from Sales and Product Marketing team, to prepare the Business Projections , inclusive of Best, Moderate and Worst Case Business Scenarios. Potential Resource Implications were also assessed.


Supported the development of 3 Year Road Map with clear action plan and resources requirement, with best, moderate and worst case business scenarios for the two major markets for the company.