Supply Chain & Operational Analytics
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Our Supply chain & Operations support helps organizations to have better visibility across supply chain, attained through analytics and also ensures that the value chain is delivering optimized results for your business.

Our Offerings

  • Supply Chain & Operations Score Card -Score Cards for assessing Operational performance using indicators like On Time Delivery Performance, Inventory-DOH, Quality complaints, Down time etc.
  • Demand Management Support –– Forecast preparation/ Accuracy Analysis, Waterfall charts.
  • Inventory Optimization Support –– Optimize the inventory through in-depth analysis by considering factors such as service levels, demand variation, supplier lead times, batch size, overage and underage levels, and thus identify opportunities for reducing inventory/improving service levels.
  • Lead Time Improvement Support –Improve the Lead Time by analyzing the various lead time components – Market Lead Time, Request Lead Time, Promise Lead Time, Manufacturing Lead Time and identify opportunities to improve lead-time and thus enhance customer satisfaction.
Value Proposition:
  • Enhanced visibility across the Supply Chain.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction Level.
  • Working Capital improvement through Inventory optimization and Lead Time improvement.